June 02, 2006

Cash Money Activists

Lil' Wayne and Baby have signed on to star in "Cut Throat City," a movie about the Big Easy "seen through the cultural lens of the residents of the Lower Ninth Ward." We'll make a movie about this rather than actually improving the Ninth Ward. They're going to spend money building sets. They're going to spend money advertising. At least there will be some more boxes around.

Apparently, it will contain social relevance. Hopefully, everytime Lil Wayne closes his eyes, I'll see his Fear God tattoo. Or maybe, they'll just sell their bling and buy a levee that actually works.


Anonymous dp said...

Can you believe that some people consider this to be progress? That a movie company is coming to New Orleans to film a HEIST movie that has social relevance is hilarious to me. When I think about how they do my life I am remindeed that at least I am not in New Orleans.

10:42 AM  

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