June 15, 2006

Hitmaker Michael "Axis of Evil" Gerson Retires.

Hitmaker Michael Gerson, after 7 years on the grind, calls it quits. After a string of unforgettable hits, Gerson's heart attack at the age of 42, made him stop and reconsider his future with the Bush World-Wreckin' Cru. Karl Rove, the head of productions had this to say about Gerson: "He helped take the president on his best day and represent what was in the president's spirit and soul."

Gerson's seemingly never-ending hits included: "The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations (a smash in the South)," "Axis of Evil (an international phenomenon)," and "Armies of Compassion (number one R&B and Pop in Iraq)." Who can forget his classic "Compassionate Conservatism," a chart-topper that hasn't fallen since 2000?

Gerson proved that the message is in the entire presentation. PRODUCTION MATTERS. Just ask Busta.


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