January 30, 2007

Cellulosic Ethanol = Another Distraction

Bush and other rich, powerful, White men decide YOUR fate.
Killer Mike - F**k You Pay Me

We at Biochemical Slang are not conspiracy theorists. We're just truth seekers. Period. I'll lay out some facts. YOU do the math.

G DUBBZ has been pushing his we-are-addicted-to-oil-and-hence-the-Middle-East mantra for a minute now. He has also been pushing CELLULOSIC ETHANOL as a viable, clean, and cheap solution to our oil addiction. Alcohol for your car? Less fumes in the air? We can make the world a cleaner place WITHOUT changing our behavior? Futuristic ish, right?

Since July 14th, stock in America's leading ethanol producers has plummeted by 25-63%. Since G DUBBZ's State of the Union, Pacific Union (major ethanol producer) stock dropped another 10 percent. Furthermore, since G DUBBZ's big alternative energy push, falling oil prices have seen a little spike in price per barrel. Also, turns out the maximum annual ethanol production is extrapolated to be about 17 billion barrels, less than half of DUBBZ's goal of 35 billion barrels. And, this cellulosic ethanol isn't THAT cheap, at a little over two dollars a gallon. Hmmmm, is ethanol a viable solution or a temporary distraction? These are just the facts. YOU do the math.

Here's another one that I wish I could make up. Here's a snippet of G DUBBZ's Securing America's Future Energy press conference: "I can sign a comprehensive plan that will assure the American people that as we look forward into the 21st century that we'll be more energy dependent and good stewards of the environment." That was more than just a Freudian slip.

Just the facts. Even when he's down, DUBBZ STILL finds a way to eff his enemies and feed his family.


Blogger Amadeo said...

The real deal is no one wants to commit to what's most abundant and efficient. I was watching this joint about solar power that said to compete with oil solar panels would only need to be about 50% effective. They said if you your home was running off of solar panels you could not only power your home, but sell 4 times as much energy back to the grid. Funny thing is the headquarters for British Petroleum is solar paneled out. Don't get high on your own supply eh?

11:40 AM  
Blogger vik said...

ha. the TRUTH hurts.

don't get high on your own supply...true. make sure you get your junkies hooked. early. change is tough, especially when you're HIGH off those gas fumes

11:49 AM  

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