January 25, 2007

Until JUSTICE Trickles Through the DAMS of Supremacy, Bureacracy, and Apathy

Funkadelic - Jimmy's Got A Little Bit of BITCH In Him (Biochemical Slang dedication to James Seale)
MF Grimm - To All My Comrades
Fishbone - Slow Bus Movin' (Howard Beach Party)

July 12th, 1964. Charles Moore and Henry Dee were murdered. Beaten. Taunted. Drowned. When they were found, they were just more dead black boys. They weren't those northern civil rights workers that everyone was talkin' about. They were just two dead black boys, pulled out of a Louisiana swamp. End of story.

They probably wished they had murked Charles Moore's brother too. If no one goes looking for the truth, Thomas Moore decided to do it for himself. 42 years later, the Feds are goin' after murderer and known Klansman James Seale. The charge? Kidnapping.

Justice. It's a dish best served cold.

James Seale's son claimed his father had died. Of course, the stalwarts of unbiased evidence collection at the FBI took this at face value. All the while, James Seale is livin' the life of a Nazi in Argentina. These are the same people that have been lookin' for Osama for years. These are the same people that gave up on pursuing the double murder case. They were just two dead black boys, right?

May this unfortunate story serve as a warning. This isn't a reminder of an ugly past. The past is alive in OUR present-day. This is a warning. If we don't come to terms with our past, our present, and our future trajectories, we are bound to a destiny of running in circles.


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