January 27, 2007

The Tylenol-for-Cancer-Awards

Thanks to Internets Celebrity
Dallas Penn for the Oprah image.
William Devaughn -
Give the Little Man a Great Big Hand
Gladys Knight -
To Be Invisible
Brother Ali -

Poverty, behaving like a familial disease, passes itself down from generation to generation. Its environment does nothing but to catalyze the process. Crumbling schools,
lead paint-filled apartments, joblessness, apathy, drugs, and violence. All forces working to keep poverty a PANDEMIC, endemic to many areas of our nation's cities and rural areas. The cycle continues. Housing becomes a privilege, once the cycle becomes a downward spiral.

Words such as PANDEMIC, ENDEMIC, CYCLE, and GENERATIONS don't lend themselves to quick solutions. Don't get it twisted. We in the good ol' U.S. of A. need our dose of feel-good NOW. Making a difference is not as easy as Angelina Jolie makes it look. But eff it. Watching a movie is about all you're gonna get out of us.

How do we even begin to approach the pandemic of American homelessness? Easy. Step one: We go to the movies! Step two: we talk about taking homeless people to the movies on Oprah! It's that easy. After you take the homeless to a movie, you can go home. You can feel good about yourself. You can smile and say, "I've made a difference today. I'm worth it, god dammit."

Man, eff the homeless. After watching that Will Smith movie, it sure looks like that as long as you try hard enough, you can stop being homeless. It's all their fault. If only they could just see that movie, they would understand that they don't have to live that way.


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