May 02, 2007

Who Punched Ya? Who the EFF CARES?!?!??

Kurious - Walk Like a Duck
Masta Ace Inc. - Jeep A** Niguh

Has it really come to this? Really? It's bad enough hip-hop has become a ring-tone-driven market. It's now officially worse. In an attempt to keep it real, maintain his "code of ethics," AND give a message to the youth, Tru Life's management company (one of his weed carriers) issued the following statement (email) to the folks at XXL DOT COM:

“The rumors are true. He did punch Cam’ron in the face. But he honestly doesn’t want to promote violence. He really feels strong about ending gang violence. He feels like they got kids brainwashed with that bullsh*t movement so he got to show them what it is. He feels like he got to keep it a little street just to get the kids’ ears because they listen to the rah-rah sh*t. So once he gets their ear with the bullshit, he’ll get their hearts with the real shit.”

It only gets better. Peep Tru Life:

Tru Life says he wants to apologize to hip-hop for the negative press but “you got to break an egg to make an omelet. I don’t care how positive dead prez and Mos Def is. Nigg*s just ain’t checkin’ for that.”

Jay needs to give this dude a better marketing budget. Dude's spendin' all of his money buying drinks at clubs, just waitin' for Cam'ron to enter. Dude can't even afford his schizo pills anymore. If you were wondering...yes, Tru Life IS for the children.


Anonymous enigmatik said...

Yes, he did punch him, but since he did it by himself and not with the aid of a gang it was ok. Gang violence is wrong.

In addition, because a grown man must stoop to a pre-conceived notion that the youth of today only respond to violent themes, punching another person to get a point across is in fact the only way to get a point across. Heaven forbid a grown man talk things out with another grown man and force kids to follow the lead of an "adult" instead of the other way around.

In conclusion, I want to fight you Vik. 3:00 under the big oak tree. Leave the goonies at home.

12:43 PM  
Blogger vik said...

it's on enigmatik.

i'm gonna bring my posse tho. not to jump in, but to tape it for our EXCLUSIVE youtube fight footage. we might as well freestyle battle each other right before we start punchin'

1:25 PM  
Anonymous enigmatik said...

fa shizzle.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

Dibs on the t-shirt sales! That will allow you guys to make up later and then call me out for profiting from violence. Then I can announce I'm going to rehab.

4:36 PM  
Blogger nerditry said...

Remember the days when you could get into a fight at school and it would be just you and the other dude? Didn't have to worry about any weapons beside a sturdy ass Transformers lunch box.

Every kid in school has a camera phone and posts shit to the tubes right after. Like you need a school fulla Don Kings.

6:51 PM  
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