June 17, 2006

30 years, Two days, and Still Counting

Thirty years ago, South African students knew they had nothing but their minds. Their minds were their only key to possibility. A terrible education is worse than any beating. The mental scars don't heal; they are passed on to the next generation, and they multiply. 10,000 students stood up. Teach us in our language. Give us possibility. June 16th, 1976. Days later, hundreds dead, thousands injured. Months later, due to the ensuing economic instability and political unrest, South Africa's currency value plummeted. Hit 'em where it hurts.

Some thirty years later, South Africa's disenfranchised may not be getting the education that they deserve. Unfortunately, it seems that they are following the New York City educational approach of "outcome-based education." Can you pass a test? Here's a diploma. Education is not a journey. It is the correct answer. Period. South Africa boasts a 40 percent drop-out rate among college freshmen, discovering too late that their passing grades in high school amounted to nothing. NYC boasts a high school graduation rate of approximately 50 percent.

The graduation rate is too low. Just lower the standards. Quick and easy. Numbers are the answers. A solution that produces results and costs the taxpayers nothing. Bloomberg and South Africa get their "outcomes." They don't need to worry about the problems to come half a generation from now. That's a future government's problem. At least we can give South Africa the benefit of time, they've only had twelve years. We've had 50 years and have nothing to show for it. Apparently, we're still trying.

I'll fight you over that smirk you gave me. I'll shoot you for your chain. I'll threaten you for wearing chancletas. Can you imagine FIGHTING for your education? The ultimate investment. Now that's gangsta.

Sun City - Artists United Against Apartheid Real Audio
BOB DYLAN - Blood on the Tracks
MOS DEF & TALIB KWELI are Black Star
CITY OF GOD Soundtrack http://rapidshare.de/files/23374790/cog_sdtrk.rar


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