January 30, 2007

Light Skin = Your Ticket Out

The Heptones - Choice of Color
Nina Simone - Four Women
Talib Kweli - Expansion Outro/Four Women

If you had a choice of SHADE, which one would you choose? The lightest shade, of course!

Now, your family's prejudices against those real dark brothers, sisters, and cousins has SCIENCE to back 'em up. To all the moms out there who carried the torch for supremacy, you were right. To all the moms that have said, "She'd be prettier if she wasn't SO dark." You were right! All that money spent on lightening creams and other assorted SUPREMACY beauty products may actually have payed off. Now, we can hope for, not only, healthy babies, but light-skinned ones.

recent study found that lighter skinned immigrants earned more, on average, than their darker counterparts. Skin tone was scored on a scale of one to ten, ten being the darkest. Each decrease in shade was shown to be equivalent to ONE YEAR of education (controlling for many factors including race, type of employment, etc.). If you added height to the equation, each extra inch was equivalent to a one percent increase in wages.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of LIGHT-SKINNED and TALL.

Eff school, we need more lightening creams. If we all work hard and scrub our faces every day and every night, we can hope to achieve a decrease of 4 shades. That's like a college degree! If you scrub extra hard, including nights and weekends, maybe you can get that Ph.D you've been dreamin' about!


Blogger vik said...

c,mon folks.....where are those light skinned commenters???

8:59 AM  

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