February 03, 2007

It's Giuliani Time

Triple No Mark Foley. Add an extra No Weezy F Baby, just to be safe.
Screwball - Who Shot Rudy?

There's a "good chance" Giuliani will be running for president in '08. He's already raising money in Texas, so let's make the assumption that the dude's gonna run. Before you jump on the post-9/11-Giuliani-bandwagon, the bandwagon he constantly REMINDS you about, consider some pre-9/11 Giuliani facts:

Giuliani's "Quality of Life" policing strategies, resulted in a 4,549% increase in arrests of misdemeanor marijuana offenses. Police abuse reports rose 56% during Giuliani's first four years in office. Despite national decreases, NYC's poverty rate increased to 25% during Giuliani's tenure in office. Even more telling, one in every three NYC children lived in poverty during his tenure.

His legacy in NYC lives on to this day. Walk the streets of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Harlem, Washington Heights, and Queens. Affordable housing is a thing of the past. Crime has become endemic to certain neighborhoods. On paper, crime in the city has decreased (just pick up a NYC tourist book!), as select neighborhoods have experienced record increases in crime. "Defense" of the city against gangs and drugs has overtaken the budget, as schools fight for a sliver of the pie. As half of our children leave the education system without a diploma, they head right back to the streets, fulfilling Giuliani's prophecy.

Is THIS where America needs to go?


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