February 01, 2007

Hip-Hop Needs Hunger.

Nas and Static Selektah - The Prophecy Volume 2
Noize Mob DJs - Nasty Nas and DJ Premier: Pre-Matic
Mick Boogie - Nas and AZ: Executive Decisions
Nas - Where Are They Now? 80's, 90's, & West Coast Remixes

Hip-hop is doing something it couldn't even imagine 20 years ago. It's making money. It's influencing culture. It's paid for houses and summer homes. It's been the foundation of television shows and movies. It's defined the swag of clothing lines. It's got paprazzi following it. It's made it into Webster's Dictionary. It makes the news. Hip-hop is COMFORTABLE. Lifestyles of the rich and famous style comfortable.

Hip-hop hasn't been hungry for a while. Who's worryin' about their next meal? We got our own chicken wing chefs! The Prophecy Volume 2 got me hoping (thanks to Robbie at UNKUT for reminding me).

This song got me hoping (we're ALL waiting for a Nas/Premo album - 58 seconds is a start).

I'm not gonna argue whether Hip-hop is dead. But, I'm gonna say that Hip-hop ain't hungry because WE keep feedin' him. And feedin' him, and feedin' him. Hip-hop may not be dead, but it's gotten paunchy on it's leather couch, watchin' the game on its new plasma TV. You know, the one YOU can't afford. Yeah, that one.

Hip-hop doesn't even need to get up for the commercials. WE just get up and get him another beer. Make sure it's imported and poured it into a chilled glass.

Has Hip-hop lost it's balance? Has Hip-hop stopped representing YOU? Has Hip-hop become an image that no longer includes YOU? Did Hip-hop get into the club, while you waited on line for hours in the cold? Did Hip-hop make you wince? Did Hip-hop embarass you?

Stop feedin' him. Hip-hop will beg. He'll scream. STOP feedin' him. He's got a lot of powerful friends. Just ask Jimmy Iovine. They'll throw video girls at you. They'll throw product-placement movies at you. They'll ask another urban-artist to sell their wares. Turn off your radio, change the channel. When the formula fails to work, Hip-hop will be on his way. When Hip-hop needs to get up outta that leather couch, he'll be on his way. When Hip-hop needs to put in WORK to get us to pay attention, he'll be on his way.

Nas put in some work puttin' those remixes together. Where will that energy lead Hip-hop? Where will that energy lead us?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you get props over here

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That "Premo Shit" shit is a blend of Nas' vocals from the Backwudz remix of "You Gunna Luv Me" and Premier's production on Blaq Poet's "Bang Dis."

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Everything, Co-signed.

6:19 PM  
Blogger vik said...

anon # 2:

thanks for the info. this is why i'm not a music critic...i don't have an extensive music collection

however, you have to admit it was dope to hear nas over some premo.

even 58 seconds....we're STILL waiting!

8:56 AM  

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