June 19, 2006

We Got iPODS

Despite efforts to lower standards to ensure more kids moving through the system, many fifth graders are in danger of repeating the fifth grade. Our education system is crumbling, allowing kids to slip through the cracks, unprepared. Kid goes in, kid goes out. End of story.

Kids from China, India, and Europe are being educated, being further educated here, and going back home. We're facing a reverse brain drain. Walk around any graduate school at any university. To temporarily quell our fears, Bush announced the American Competitiveness Initiative, a program designed to increase research and development in America, while fostering an interest in science and mathematics in our kids.

Instead of focusing on children, the Initiative focuses on big business: intellectual property rights, hydrogen fuel technology, health information technology, tax benefits for increased research and development, and increased broadband access. America is for the children. The initiative budget for the kids is in the hundred millions. The budget for everything else is in the billions. You do the math.

President Bush provided an example of American innovation: iPODS (see picture above). We still have illequipped children, a failing two-tiered education system, bird flu, AIDS, cancer, gas guzzlers, poverty, hunger, and a war. At least we got iPODS.

PRINCE : SIGN O' THE TIMES http://rapidshare.de/files/23503147/sott_pr.rar


Anonymous Robert said...

Very powerful!!!
I'm a black man living in Canada,and although our educational system is better,we face the same problem.I feel like the US will fall like the great Roman Empire due its greed and arrogance.

7:44 PM  

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