June 19, 2006

Non-Hispanic Blacks are Number One!

A recent study found that Non-Hispanic Blacks have the best hearing in the nation. Non-Hispanic Whites are last and Mexican Americans are somewhere in the middle. Melanin is assumed to be a protective factor for the delicate hair cells in our inner ear, the cells responsible for our hearing.

Apple stockholders are all breathing a collective sigh of relief. To all the kiddies: keep those headphones blasting. Did you get the new 4 gigabyte iPOD nano in black?

A sidenote to the study: the data comes from 1999-2004, when iPODS were not widely available. Furthermore, our hearing may only seem to be normal, relative to our hearing thirty years ago, when hearing protection was not widely available and mandated for factory jobs, construction, etc.

What? I didn't catch that last part. I got my iPOD on. Huh? Whatever.


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