February 28, 2007

President Bush's Black History Month QUOTE of the Month

Stevie Wonder - Do Yourself a Favor

President Bush ends February with a BANG: "I mean, I'm in awe of their athletic skills..."

YOU be the judge. Tomorrow, February will be behind us, and it'll be back to normal at most schools. Napolean, Vikings, Boston Tea Party, Roman civilization, Greek mythology, Queen Victoria, and all things European and American.

No more last minute Harriet Tubman Wikipedia searches kids! Until next year, that is.......

February 27, 2007

For God's Sake, Give More Power to the PRESS

Alton Ellis - The Preacher
Tupac - Temptations
Yabby You - Deliver Me From Me Enemies
Chi-Lites - (For God's Sake) Give More Power to the PEOPLE

When the cameras are rolling, the flashes flashing, and the tape recorders recording, the Reverend Al Sharpton gets that gleam in his eye. People are listening to me! People are really listening to me! Sharpton's inner voice, the giddy little school girl, gets ready to speak. These are the moments he lives for: the sweat from his brow, reflecting off the flash of the cameras, his voice recorded for the local radio news shows. Who will Sharpton speak for? For what unspoken cause, will he use his booming voice?

Social justice? Health care? Racial inequality? Unemployment? Education? Affordable housing? Political disenfranchisement?

Nope. Apparently Ancestry DOT COM and the NY Daily News were able to prove that Al Sharpton's great-grandfather was owned by Strom Thurmond's distant cousin. Of course, with the cameras rolling, Al was at his verbose-best: "It was probably the most shocking thing of my life. I couldn't describe to you the emotions I have had . . . everything from anger to outrage to reflection to some pride and glory."

Is this finding ironic? Sure. Is it interesting? Maybe.

But don't you find it SLIGHTLY suspect that immediately following the "real Blackness means your ancestors were slaves" argument that the DAILY NEWS, along with a privately-owned genealogy company, suddenly "discovers" Sharpton's slave connections? Don't you find it convenient that this news pops up NOW? Work with me peoples. Al Sharpton was the same guy that said this a month ago: "...just because you’re our color doesn’t make you our kind." These are the things that make Biochemical Slang go hmmmmm.

Apparently, Sharpton is "shocked," "angry," and "amazed." We here at Biochemical Slang have some suggestions for Sharpton. Here are some recent news items that are MORE shocking, MORE anger-provoking, and MORE amazing than contrived discoveries.
  • President Bush's budget for supplementing state coverage of children's health care shortchanges children to the tune of 13.4 BILLION dollars over five years. That translates into 14 states that will run out of child health care money, by this coming October. This translates into more than 9 million children, mainly impoverished minorities, who will remain uninsured. Sharpton, WHERE YOU AT?
  • The black-white academic achievement gap has become a fixture of American education. Test score differences between black and white students, regardless of socioeconomic status, remain huge. This is especially true for African-American boys. Money, truly, ain't a thing. Sharpton, WHERE YOU AT?
  • Sean Bell's case is still open. Sharpton, WHERE YOU AT?

What's Sharpton's next move, you ask? Sharpton wants a DNA test to prove whether or not he is related to Strom Thurmond. I can't make this ish up. Biochemical Slang's question for Sharpton: WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?

February 26, 2007

The Clipse and McDonalds Collaborate on the COKESPOON Project

Cocaine Re-Up Anthem (Nick Catchdubs Remix) - The Clipse
Cocaine in My Brain - Dillinger
Cocaine - Eric Clapton
Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash
We Got the Remix - The Clipse (Biochemical Slang Re-Up)

I'll be honest with you. The title of this post was merely the bait to get you to read this. How we all wish it were true. When you break it down, how different are the Clipse from McDonald's? They both slang addictive products. They both got it for cheap. They both are loved by white and black alike. They both come with major hipster credits.

Anyhow. Back to the subject at hand. Do you remember back in the day when McDonald's made little spoons to stir your coffee? Not only did they stir your coffee, they were perfect for puttin' that coke up in your nose. The suits at McD's got wind of the street usage of their product and promptly replaced 'em with standard coffee stirrers.

Believe it or not, you can buy these vintage stirrers on Ebay. We here in America STAY on our grind.

Fast forward to the present, "artists" were gold-plating and selling replica McD's coke spoons for $295. It turns out, McDonald's wasn't too happy and pulled the old cease-and-desist. According to McD lawyer-speak,
"There is an element of trust between McDonald's and our customers in what those trademarks and other representations of the brand mean. Any dilution of that, or any association without McDonald's approval to third parties, entities or objects, is an erosion of that trust that we have with our customers."

Sure. Give McD's the big eff you by orderin' yourself a ghetto big mac. Anything to cure us of the MONDAY BLUES.

February 23, 2007

No Matter HOW You Slice It

Stevie Wonder - Look Around
True Reflection - Society

I only have five more days to discuss black history. Then it's back to whitey, whitey, and more whitey. Check out this survey that posits the question, "How do you feel about black history month?"

Is black history month necessary? Is black history month the catalyst schools need to mention Malcolm, Martin, Harriet, Booker, Langston, etc, etc, etc? Is black history month "simply a guilt-driven public relations scam to pacify blacks who otherwise receive no attention on the bread and butter issues of education, jobs, and health care?"

We here at Biochemical Slang will let YOU do the math. You know these guys have already done THEIR math. Guess who's laughing all the way to the bank?

February 21, 2007

Out of Sight + Out of Mind = The Perfect Vacation

Curtis Mayfield - The Other Side of Town
Bill Withers - Take It ALL In and Check It All Out
Artifakts - The Wrong Side of da Tracks
Beres Hammond - Another Day in the System

Looking to temporarily escape the madness? Trying to forget your troubles? It's time to leave the city and head out to an exotic island. An island where the natives serve you. An island where you can safely negrify yourself and get those "corn rows" you've heard so much about. An island where the natives leave your white teenage daughters alone.

Don't sleep on HAITI.

Those pesky "facts" may tell you that Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemispere. Yeah, the median age is only 18.2 years. Yeah, more than 1 out of every 20 Haitians are infected with HIV/AIDS.

But can the "facts" describe the pristene beauty of a private beach? Exactly.

Perhaps, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines spokesman Dave Scott can help explain: "You think of Haiti, you think of poverty. You think of violence. You think of politics. You think of a suppressed people. But when they actually sail into the bay and they see the pristine sand and the blue seas and the smiling people, their whole attitude changes.”


The United Nations may have troops stationed in Port-au-Prince, but that shouldn't stop you from walking the beautiful, virgin beaches. You know, the beaches that are fenced from the actual Haitians. The beaches that are under constant surveillance by armed guards.

I'll let Haitian tourism minister, Patrick Delatour explain: “Yes, there is violence in Port-au-Prince. But you could sleep on the beach in Jacmel and you’d be safe.”


Yeah, there's violence. Yes, there's death. Yes, AIDS is endemic. Yes, poverty is a way of life.

But, eff it. You won't SEE any of it. If a tree falls and no one's around to hear it, did it make a sound? Hell to the NO! However, if you do decide to leave the fenced-in, secured tourist-only compounds, you have to present your passport and sign a waiver. Just a minor detail, according to Royal Caribbean.

We'll let tourist Helen Murphy explain: “I don’t want to see poverty. I’m on vacation. I don’t want to think that these people don’t have enough to eat.”


February 20, 2007

Where Are They NOW? New Orleans Students Remix NEEDED

Bob James - Take Me To the Mardi Gras
Professor Longhair - Big Chief

Nas was able to get Sir-Mix-Alot, Dana Dane, and Chip Fu for his remixes. Yeah, Chip Fu. However, even Nas may not be able to answer the REAL TALK where are they now?

Where are the kids? Enrollment at NOLA public schools, a year and a half after Katrina, is 1/3 of its original enrollment. Yes, NOLA is at half-capacity since the hurricane. Is it too far an extrapolation to assume that school enrollment should be at half-capacity as well?

Not only is school enrollment dismally low, average attendance rates are only 83%. So, schools are at 1/3 of their pre-Katrina enrollment, with 83% actually showing up to school. Is it irony, poetic justice, or governmental bureacracy to blame for the renaming of NOLA's school districts to the "Recovery School Districts?"

Damn. Add to the mix the severe teacher shortage in NOLA. So, let's forget the "where are they (the kids) NOW" question. How about, "Are you ready for some SAINTS FOOTBALL?"

February 19, 2007

Biochemical Slang presents: A BLAST from the Past

Biochemical Slang wishes you ALL a Happy President's Day! Or as we like to call it around here: Enjoy your DAY OFF.

February 18, 2007

Ghost Town - The UNDENIABLE Truth

GHOST TOWN - The Specials

Mardi Gras seems a bit empty this year. Ghost town is more than just a metaphor.


Homes remain boarded up. The folks that remained in New Orleans, are beginning to leave. The teachers that came, are leaving classrooms with no teachers. The murder rate is the only number on the way up, with 24 bodies in the morgue since January 1st.

All that and the only person that NOLA could find that was willing to grand marshall the Krewe of Endymion parade was Taylor Hicks. Ouch.

Have we truly forgotten New Orleans? Have we created the modern-day Atlantis?

February 17, 2007

NEWSFLASH: America is a Democracy!

Funkadelic - If You Don't Like the Effects, Don't Produce the Cause

We at Biochemical Slang know it's been a long time since many of you have cracked open a US History or civics textbook. Thus, we view this post as a PSA of sorts.

Apparently, our House of Representatives (a part of the legislative branch of our government) formally repudiated the president (the executive branch of our government). In Biochemical Slang speak: they took hours of tax-payer funded work time to tell the president, in writing, that they didn't approve of his surge.

Apparently, this was a big deal. Apparently, the House Democrats worked EXTRA HARD for this 61 word, NON-BINDING resolution. Apparently, symbolic "formal repudiations" mean a lot to the House of Reps. Apparently, G DUBBZ can still do whatever the eff he wants.

Apparently, we have forgotten the centerpiece of our fine government: CHECKS and BALANCES. Apparently, this system of "checks and balances" prevents one part of government from usurping total control. Apparently, this "separation of power" is written somewhere in the Constitution.

It's amazing the things you can find...when you're LOOKING for them.

February 16, 2007

It's Friday....

Life is good. Enjoy a laugh. Courtesy of Rizoh at THE RAP UP DOT COM.

I'm not gonna even TRY to caption this ish. You gotta love the internets.

February 14, 2007

Biochemical Slang is for the (making of) CHILDREN

We here at Biochemical Slang strive to bring you the truth. Unfortunately, the TRUTH doesn't usually come with rainbows and sunshine. Unfortunately, the truth doesn't always allow us to crack a smile.

The truth can hurt: New Orleans is slowly becoming our modern-day Lost City of Atlantis, as we forget its people as they murder one another. Our country has become so accustomed to autocratic rule, our House and Senate are spending valuable hours debating the phrasing of a resolution that will officially denounce G DUBBZ's surge. Don't believe the hype this February, Supremacy still runs this rap ish. While we take our democracy for granted, others are DYING for some democracy. Literally. While other countries prepare their children for the FUTURE, we underfund our schools, we hold debates over the validity of Creationism, and we prepare our kids for the fantasy-world of MySpace, PS3's, and rap beefs.


It's more than the internets. February 14th, 2007, although MAN-made, can hold a higher purpose. Family and friends are the reason we're here. Family and friends are the reason this fight is worth the struggle. Family and friends are THE TRUTH. LOVE is THE TRUTH. Go tell someone that. NOW.

Biochemical Slang wishes it's readers all the LOVE in the world (no Mark Foley). We're in this struggle together (Double No Juelz Santana).

Betty Davis - Your Mama Wants Ya Back
Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
Millie Jackson - If Lovin' You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to be Right)
Millie Jackson - The Memory of a Wife
Laura Lee - What A Man
Ann Peebles - You've Got the Papers (But I've Got the Man)
Ann Peebles - Bip Bam Thank You Mam

February 13, 2007

We'll Give You Sports. Entertainment? Maybe Next February.

Stevie Wonder - Black Man
Living Colour - Cult of Personality
Lakim Shabazz - Black is Back
Ice Cube - I Wanna Kill Sam

Being February, the obligatory made-for-the-press White House functions are in full gear. Words, promises, and handshakes. No matter that New Orleans has become the lost city of Atlantis. No matter that Black murder rates are skyrocketing. No matter that urban education has become America's Peace Corps. G DUBBZ says, "EFF THAT, it's February!"

Peep the above subliminal, jacked straight from WHITE HOUSE DOT GOV. Yes, it's Black history month, but George Washington is still YOUR forefather. Yes, we'll let you wear "Black History" sashes, but only if master watches over you. Is it just me, or does it look like the slave owner watching over his field hands?

Not only is master watching over his field hands, G DUBBZ added that sports have been the crowning African-American achievement:
  • "It might just have been a game for some, but for a lot of folks it was a moment, an historic moment. And we congratulate Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith for their strong leadership and their example."
  • "Sylvester Croom, who is the head football coach from Mississippi State University. His achievement is the first African American coach in the Southeastern Football League -- Southeastern Conference."
  • "I want to tell you the story of Bonnie St. John. She grew up in California, which is -- most places in California are not very close to the snow. But she wanted to be a skier...."
  • "Some of you baby boomers might remember Mudcat. He pitched for the Minnesota Twins. They went to the 1965 World Series, and he won 25 games. He founded what's called the Black Aces."
  • "Any baseball fan knows he's a Hall of Famer -- and that's Fergie Jenkins, a member of the Black Aces, as well as Mike Norris, former pitcher for the Mudcats."

And let's not forget, Wesley Autrey, G DUBBZ's new favorite black man. He's been to the White House TWICE already. They love when you save one of their own:
"You know, you might remember Wesley from the State of the Union address. I remember Wesley was I think sending a hand signal to you, Mr. Chairman. So was I, by the way. (Laughter.) I love you, man. Ummmm. No Mark Foley. Hand signals? Love you?

Athletes are all you could come up with? OK, so you threw in a couple of token non-athletic Black folks here and there. G DUBBZ, that's it? Where are the Percy Julians? The Jane Bolins? The Dr. Charles Drews? The Daniel Hale Williams? The Rita Doves? The Ossie Davises? The Alain Lockes?

History ain't what happened. It's what's TOLD.

February 12, 2007

A CHANGE is Gonna Come......Eventually

Sinnerman - Nina Simone
Busterismology - The Coup
Old Marcus Garvey - Burning Spear
Don't Call Me Brother - The O'Jays
Props to fellow TRUTH-SEEKERS Dallas Penn and PardonMeDuke for the images.
Pics jacked from Trent Benefield's MySpace page.

Police used their guns gratuitously, in an all-too-familiar scenario. Sean Bell was taken from us too soon. His two friends were injured. A call to arms was made. We shouted for justice. Slowly, Sean Bell's name faded from the front page. Slowly, life returned to the way it was.

Slowly, Sean Bell's friends recovered from their injuries. Slowly, Trent Benefield's wheelchair became crutches. His healing was more than the mere physical healing of bones and flesh. We all hoped that his physical healing would be a transcendant symbol for us: YES WE CAN. Yes we can fight. YES, a change is gonna come.

Slowly, Trent Benefield transformed from a victim into a baller. From a political activist, into the dude with latest gear. From being pushed by Al Sharpton, to pushing the latest whips. From being the victim, to fulfilling a stereotype. From being the recipient of sympathy, to being the wielder of Supremacy's whip. Supremacy works in many ways: it hurts the most when it's one of our own carrying the torch.

Hundred dollar bills CAN take us far.

Money, Money (The Root of ALL Evil) - Horace Andy

They'll buy you some fresh clothes. They'll buy you a ride. They'll buy you a temporary ticket from REALITY. They'll buy you a temporary feeling of elation. Unfortunately, they cannot buy back the LIFE of a fellow human being. A father. A friend. A brother.

February 11, 2007


Mutabaruka - De System
Mutabaruka - Witeman Country
Mutabaruka - Naw Give Up
UPDATE: Jay-Z's Minority Report video, via Eskay @ Nah Right.

With all this talk of women and minorities running for president, PROGRESS seems to be the word of the month. "America is different now." "Look how far WE'VE come." "Everyone and anyone has a chance."

Biochemical Slang's opinion on American progress: Not so much.

The above portrait was painted in 1789. The picture below was taken in 2007. According to my calculations, white men still run this rap ish. According to my calculations, American progress is defined as token women and minorities. Since 1789, fashion has changed, electricity has become commonplace, indoor plumbing is easier to come by, the dollar has inflated, and we live a bit longer.

Lest we forget, white people still run this rap ish.

February 10, 2007

The RACE is On

Thanks to Oliver at POPLICKS for the above image.
Schooly D - Am I Black Enough For You?

According to Obama, "It's time to turn the page." How we define that page-turning, is up to us.

Do we turn to a page without Bush? Do we turn to a new chapter, where content of character is held to a higher standard than content of melanin? Do we turn to a chapter where actions speak louder than words, melanin, and chromosomal content?

To say the least, this will be an interesting race.

February 09, 2007

The Art. The Vocab. The Truth. The Fight. Where Are They NOW?

Nas recently dropped some ill remixes, opening up pages in HIS book of history for the rest of the world to see. No George Washington. No Thomas Jefferson. Grandmaster Caz? Check. Dana Dane? Check. Kool Moe Dee? Check. Nas wished us all a Happy MY History Month.

Nas got me reminiscing. TROY style. Where's the remix that includes the PASSION, the ART, the VOCAB, the FIGHT, and the TRUTH? We're havin' the hardest time finding them. Hip-hop may not be dead, but we definitely killed the PASSION, the ART, the VOCAB, the FIGHT, and the TRUTH. No, we didn't put the milli to their face. We ignored 'em. Starved 'em.

DJ NOODLES dropped "Lost Ones," a mixtape that compiles rare Jay-Z tracks and freestyles. Back when rap MANDATED the PASSION, the ART, the VOCAB, the FIGHT, and the TRUTH. Back when the FANS (that's us) DEMANDED the PASSION, the ART, the VOCAB, the FIGHT, and the TRUTH.

Download the mixtape over at GetRightMusic DOT COM.

I Can't Feel My FACE!

A work week always feels longer than the 120 hours it's defined to contain. Especially when it's cold. Not JUST cold. More like, never leave the house cold. More like, I can see my breath and my nose hairs are frozen cold. More like, we need to wear multiple layers no matter how fat it makes us look cold. More like, I can't feel my face cold. Really. I couldn't feel my face.

Commuting never makes your day any better. Especially on a Friday. Especially when it's cold. If you're heading to an outer borough, you better pick just the right seat. When you get above ground and those doors open, that gust of COLD will slap that taste out of your mouth. Be warned.

Of course, the train is crowded. The volume of jackets, scarves, and hats accentuates the crowd, adding to their mass AND girth. One brave soul grabs the pole. With all that sniffling, who KNOWS what's growing on it?

Don't fret, peoples. It may be bricker than brick, but you KNOW the sun will come out tomorrow. You KNOW you can sleep in tomorrow. You KNOW your covers will put in extra work tomorrow. You KNOW you can play your records extra loud tonite. Life is good.

Here's some suggestions for the stereo. Close your eyes. Imagine. This is keep your brain warm type ish:
WELDON IRVINE - Morning Sunrise
ROY AYERS - Everybody Loves the Sunshine
THE TEMPREES - You Make the Sun Shine


February 08, 2007

Cherry Coke: Now Available for Coloreds, Hipsters, and Ghetto Party Attendees

EPMD - Crossover
Joe Budden - Dumb Out

The HUSTLE continues. I shouldn't hate on Jay-Z....as long as he stops putting out "rap albums." Again, I'm not knockin' Jay's hustle. I've heard that men lie, women lie, but numbers don't. The dude was payed three million dollars to redesign a can. A can.

Corporate America realizes the potential of the youth. Potential, bear in mind, is not measured by grades in school. Potential is not measured by performance on exams. Believe it or not, it's not even measured by your jump shot percentage. It's measured in GREEN.

Jay-Z is the perfect negrifier (my word). Corporate problem: Coke needs GREEN from Blacks. Corporate solution: Hire Jay-Z. Chevy needs ghetto authentication. Solution: Jay-Z, Mary, and TI are available. Budweiser wants the Heineken-Hip-hop set. Solution: Jay-Z comes through, yet again. Corporate America also knows that once the coloreds start buying, the whites aren't too far off. The real question becomes: Who's playin' who?

Are we the suckas for buyin' into this ish? Is corporate America the suckas for shellin' out millions for the negro-seal-of-approval? We at Biochemical Slang asked the question to the folks at Coke and Rocawear: Who's playin' who?

Here's COKE'S response: "Cherry Coke already tastes great, but we wanted to give the brand an energetic new look and feel," said Katie Bayne, senior vice president, Coca- Cola Brands, Coca-Cola North America. "By partnering with Rocawear and its founder Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, we've been able to fuse design, fashion and music to create a hot new look and personality for Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero."

Here's Biochemical Slang's translation: Show me the Black's money!

Here's ROCAWEAR's response: "When Cherry Coke approached Rocawear about creating a completely new appearance, we knew we could help deliver a fresh approach for an iconic brand," said Jameel Spencer, Chief Marketing Officer, Rocawear. "We've designed an urban landscape and a contemporary cherry icon that together reinvent the Cherry Coke brand in a stylish, hip, youthful new way that reinforces its great taste."

Here's Biochemical Slang's translation: Show me the Whitey's money!

Here's the final score, as tabulated by the judges at Biochemical Slang:
  • Cherry Coke = 1
  • Rocawear/Jay = 1
  • YOU = ZERO

February 07, 2007

Knowledge. Awareness. Action. Start NOW.

Here's some sobering statistics:
  • AIDS is the NUMBER ONE killer of 25-44 year old Black people.
  • 49 percent of newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS patients are Black.
  • African-American women are disproportionately affected, with an infection rate 20 times that of white females.
  • 1 in every 58 Black Americans are living with HIV/AIDS.

Before you decide who you're going to vote for in the near future, marinate on this quote from the
president of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Debra Fraser-Howze:

"Black people are going to have to take responsibility for themselves in this epidemic. We have to make some serious decisions, a decision to first talk about the epidemic and a decision to own it. It is ours.

We are in a quandary because we as African-Americans have to be concerned about what is going on in Africa. But at the same time we are concerned about Africa, we have to be concerned about South Central Los Angeles. Both have to be addressed. Funds are dwindling, and everybody is taking money to Africa when African-Americans are dying in this country."

Remembering DILLA

Happy Birthday DILLA!

He created more than canvases for MC's to paint on. He created more than just a beat. He created soundtracks. Soundtracks for gettin' up in the morning. Soundtracks to get your swagger on. Soundtracks to cry to. Soundtracks to laugh with.

Hip-hop was too confining a term.

Soul. Jazz. Blues. Funk. Electronic. DILLA wasn't satisfied with the limitations of the aforementioned terms. Yeah, they're all facets to DILLA's sound, but he knew how to use them to make a brew that was all his own. There's a breakbeat. Then there's THE breakbeat that only DILLA could conquer, creating HIS sound out of a snare that no one else has duplicated.

Dilla didn't respect musical boundaries, he painted outside the lines.

Listen to a DILLA record today. LOUD.
J. DILLA - Donuts - The ORIGINAL Samples
STREAM Stones Throw Podcast #17: Thank You JAY DEE, Act 2

February 06, 2007

White Women Gone WILD

Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game
Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her
This woman went CA-RAY-ZEE. The media frenzy may be justified, but what about the REAL question here: Should women be allowed into space? Just foolin' you, my readers. How could the NASA selection process, which one must assume is rigorous, let HER slip through their door? How could this woman, in our post-9/11-war-on-terror-USA, make it into space?
Damn. This woman was more hardbody than all your favorite rappers. She was packin' a folding knife with two blades, a steel mallet, a pellet gun, pepper spray, rubber tubing, and trash bags. YOU do the math. Plus, the woman was wearing diapers. Sleep AND bathroom breaks are the cousins of death.
The first thing that popped into my head when I heard this news: "At least she ain't a minority." The media frenzy would've been a spectacle to behold. I'm willing to bet phrases such as "out of character," "life of accomplishment," and "very intelligent" would've failed to enter those articles.
Today was a long day. Plus, I needed an excuse to post some Amy Winehouse.

February 05, 2007

A Salute and Extra NULLUS to Prince

No Lance Bass. Extra No Mark Foley.

No Juelz Santana.

No Weezy F Baby.

No James McGreevey.

Biochemical Slang SALUTES Prince. You reminded us of the spirit of Janet Jackson, without SHOWING us. You reminded the suits at CBS that no matter what the rules were, you could find the loopholes.

RIP Janet Jackson's post-Super Bowl career.

Biochemical Slang's Post-Super Bowl (non-Football) Wrap Up

Shout Bamalama - Mickey Murray

Jay-Z told Coca-Cola that February is Black history month. Instead of scholarships, health care, or jobs, Jay-Z and Coke went for empty nostalgia. Investing in community is so last year. Where would that million dollars have been spent if it wasn't February? What has Coca-Cola ever done for the black community, except for DIABETES? Atherosclerosis?

Tostitos got in on that Black history vibe as well. Pepsi-Co may not have Jay, but they KNOW what the Black community wants. They may not have that Jay-Z-money, but Pepsi-Co is DOWN with the Black community. What has tostitos done for the black community, except for high BLOOD PRESSURE?

Jay-Z helped blacken Budweiser's image as well. This is Budweiser SELECT, mind you, field hands and plantation workers need not apply. If you can afford it and are willing to use your women to cheat, the white man will let you win. Once in a while.

That was a Biochemical Slang Post-Super Bowl (non-football) Wrap Up.